Samsung Full UV Glue Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector


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Full cover 5D curved tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.
Unique UV glue provides perfect protection and full coverage including the phones curved edges.
Latest technology provides a clear protector without any dots or colour disfiguration.
Full touch screen sensitivity and light penetration ratio of 99,9%
Anti-fingerprint oleo phobic coating.

..:: Package Contents
Screen Protector
UV Glue
UV Lamp

..:: Fitting instructions

Firstly remove any old screen protector and thoroughly clean the screen.
Apply the supplied UV Glue evenly to the middle of the screen taking care to not get any in your open ear piece ports.
Place the screen protector on the screen and gently apply pressure to push the liquid evenly across the whole screen.
It can take up to few minutes for liquid to spread over the whole screen.
Once the liquid has evenly covered the screen apply the UV light over the top to cure the glue for two or three minutes.

Please Note: We do not take any responsibility if any damage is caused during the process.

For additional help visit youtube and search “UV glue tempered glass fitting”

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Samsung Full UV Glue Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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